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You can collect important data from people who are enrolled in the event through the registration form. Our platform contains a standard registration form which asks for people’s name, password, email, position and company information by default. Other questions can be added by the user in addition to the default ones (as well as removing them). These forms are available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Are there any limits to the number of questions on the Registration Form?

A: No, there are no limits to how many questions you may ask in the Registration Form. Event organizers may add as many questions as they would like.

How do I include a question in the registration form?

A: To include a question in the registration form, simply click on "People"> "Registration"> "Configure Registration Form"> "Add field"> enter your question> Select your “Answer Type”> and press on Create when done.  

Step 1:

Step 2:

What kind of answers can we have?

A: You can have 6 different types of answers: "Yes or No", "Rating from 0 To 5", Plain Text (free response answers) and "List of options" where someone can pick an option from several others. Next, there are the two answer types of "Passport” and “Brazilian CPF" that are largely number-based. Lastly, there is “Upload file” where people can upload a file, such as an image, to the registration form.

To include the answer options, simply click on the question you created and then "Edit"> "Add Answer (Blue ‘+’)"> and “Create”. Note : you only need to fill in one language of the three.

Is it possible to edit a question that has already been added?

A: Yes, you need to click the "Edit" button, followed by clicking on the question you want to edit.

What is the 'Required' field in the subscription form settings?

A: The term ‘Required’ means that the participant will need to answer the particular question on the Registration Form when they receive it, otherwise, they cannot submit the application unless the question has been answered. You can enable this function by clicking on "Edit" and clicking the box for the question(s) you want registrants to be required to answer (box will have checkmark).

What happens if a person does not answer a yes or no question?

A: This response will always be a ‘no’ by default.

For example, If you ask the question 'Are you going to participate in our event?' on the registration form and the person does not pick an answer, then the form’s default answer will always be marked as a 'No'.

How do I see the responses received on the application form?
A: You can see the answers to the Registration Form through the platform by clicking on the question you created. Then, check the ‘Answers’ tab on the sidebar that just popped up.

Is it possible to export the subscription form's information?
A: Yes, you have the option to export all your answers to your computer. The file will be generated in a .xls spreadsheet format (Microsoft Excel) . To export, you just need to click the 'Export' button on the top-left and save the excel file to your computer.

Who has access to the Registration Form?
A: People registered as 'GUEST' in your event will have access to the Registration Form. With their registered email, they will gain access to filling out the Registration Form. However, if you choose to leave the form as ‘Open’ (in Edit mode of the page), anyone, even if they are not a part of your Guest list, will be able to access and fill out their information.

How do I invite only select people to fill out the Registration Form:

A: You can set the Registration Form as fillable only by selected people. In order to do this, you will first need to add them on our platform as "Invited" via the ‘Invite People’ form under People> Registration> View People List. After this process, you can share the Registration Form link with them to sign up for your event. To learn how to add Invited people, access the manual "View People List.”

What does 'Open Form' mean?

A: The Open Form allows anyone to access your Form. There are no restrictions for it to be answered. To make the form open, click on the button Edit at the registration form page. Then, in the upper left corner of the screen, mark the checkbox Open.

If you wish to restrict access to the registration form, uncheck the option, and only those who are registered as participants will be able to access the form once more (form is closed to the public).

NOTE: When the form is 'Open’ the event must be specified as public and visible in the Event’s Details.

To learn more about the 'Public' and 'Visible’ settings go to: Event Information Panel

Can I rearrange the questions that were already asked?

A: Yes, just hold with the left mouse button and drag the questions to the desired position. This will change the order of questions that appear on the Registration Form.

What does the RSVP button mean?

A: the RSVP feature is a confirmation that the invited person will go to the event, making them appear on your Attendee list.

To learn more about RSVP settings, click: RSVP Confirmation

How do I edit the text of the registration form's standard questions?

A: You can change the default text of the questions by clicking on 'People'> 'Registration'> 'Change default texts'.

Click 'Add Holder' to fill in what you want to appear in place of the default text.

For example: If you want to change the title of the sign up form, you will fill in the indicated field with the new text, and then selecting the checkbox of the field you are editing. Then click 'Create' to confirm.

How do I revert back to the default text?

A: Delete the newly created text that was added in the ‘Change Default Text’ function. When this is done, the platform will modify your text to the default setting and your changes will be deleted. To delete the modified text, just click on 'Edit'> select the question you want to return to the default text> 'Remove'> 'End'.

How do I get the Registration Form to appear in the application?

A: You need to enable the 'Form' option in the ‘Define Tools’ page, accessible via Events > Configuration > Define Tools and search for ‘Forms’ under ‘Inevent Registration’. Once this is done, everyone who accesses the application for the first time will receive the questions on the application form to respond.

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