GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

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Published in 2016 by the European Union, the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation - aims to create a new data protection regime that is applicable to all organizations established in Europe and, depending on the circumstances, outside the limits of their territory.

What is the practical application of the GDPR?

The scope of the GDPR’s application is comprehensive and applies to all organizations and entities operating within the European Union, including those with headquarters in non-EU territories. Thus, private or public companies with relationships and actively engages in business with clients of the European Union member states must adhere to the regulations listed by the GDPR.

Both large and small institutions that engages in the act of collection and/or processing of personal data in exchange for a good or service (including free of charge) are subject to the standards listed by the GDPR.

What are the implications of companies outside of the European Union?

There are several possibilities as a result of the GDPR, namely how companies should expect regulation to be rigorously enforced. Therefore, to a greater or lesser extent, all companies collecting, storing, or processing data of EU citizens, regardless of volume, will be subject to the application of the standard.

Does InEvent fit into this scenario?

Yes, we fall under the category of major event technology vendors. Through the use of our application and platform, InEvent records and stores large amounts of personal data. Thus, we are subject to the regulations of the GDPR.

Does InEvent comply to the standards of the GDPR?

Yes, we do comply with the GDPR. At InEvent, we constantly upgrade our platform with security to not only to manage our data storage, but to also ensure that we meet the most stringent standards of data protection.

At InEvent, we are constantly working towards the reality of responsibly controlling mass data, towards the structural compliances of data protection and privacy, and along with that, towards changing the corporate mentality to adopt a position of greater transparency and openness in our collection, use, and processing, of personal data.

We see the issue of responsibly using personal data as something that goes beyond fines and other financial penalties that can be levied against offenders. We recognize that consumer confidence and reputation is at stake with the issue of personal data protection, and it is more than just a security, legal, or technological issue, but one that affects businesses as well that must be treated using a holistic approach to embed them into each business entities that utilize consumer’s personal data and information.

For details on how InEvent complies with the GDPR, see:   Data Security and Management