Confirmation Email

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Confirmation Email

You are able to send automatic emails to attendees emails as soon as they complete the enrollment.

How to configure automatic emails?

You can click on People > Communication > Automatic Emails.

You can search on the upper left corner, and type Email.

In the new screen, you will see two boxes, the first being: Automatic Emails In this box there are two types of platform email: The Confirmation email and the Admission Email

  • The confirmation email is sent when an attendee is confirmed - Target list : Attendee list
  • Admission email is sent when an attendee enrolls and is waiting approval. - Target list : Waitlist

You can edit these automatic emails by customizing them as you wish

To do this click the blue button on the right hand side.

This button will direct you to the email editing tool

Here you can Customize your email, edit the format, change the colors, change the Subject, Add images, Dynamic links, Dynamic content and many others.

What can i customize in the Email Creator?

You can customize these sections:

  • Typography
  • Media
  • Layout
  • Buttons
  • Social Links
  • Footer

Email Subject

Set the subject of your email

Platform functionality links for you to refer to in your automatic email

The possibilities are :

  • Website
  • Registration Form
  • Registration form RSVP - Yes
  • Registration form RSVP - No
  • Download page
  • My Account Page
Dynamic Content

Automatic references to event or participant information for you to customize the text of your email. 

The possibilities are:

  1. Event - Name, Address, Start Date, Start Time, End Date, End Time, Description and Agenda
  2. Person - First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Username, Email Address, Role, Company, Telephone, Custom Message, Form Answers, Sessions and Certificate

Content Tables

Determine how many rows and columns will be part of your Table


Unlimited use, you can insert as many images as you like to your email.

Add links form other sites, to your email.

How do i adjust,copy or remove the sections in the email?

To adjust, copy or remove sections in the email, hover over the section and you will see an edit bar appear (shown in the image below)

This edit bar allows you to:

  • Move the section Up or Down
  • Copy the section
  • Remove the section
  • Move the section to anywhere on the email


When you have finished editing the email, click on the orange PREVIEW button in the top right corner, to see how your automatic email will appear to your attendees.

Note: You must be enrolled in the Attendee list to receive the preview

Choose the view you would like to see, Computer or Smartphone, in the top right corner.

Then press Send Preview

Choose the person who should receive the Preview, then press Send Preview

Custom Emails

You can also create personalized emails here.

To create a personalized email, Click on + NEW EMAIL in the top left corner.

In the window that opens, enter the subject of the email and select a template, then click create.

Custom email has the structure a little different from the automatic email, but the fields can also be removed and clicking both the main text field and the footer field, the field will appear on the left side to enter the text. You can also insert photos, dynamic links, dynamic content, external links and more.

Now, for the submission, click the 2 - Target button.

Choose if you would like to send the email to:All Attendees, All Invited or a Custom list of people

To find out more about Custom lists - click here

Now in 3 - REVIEW, you can change the subject of the email, pick a trigger and even schedule when to send this email.

If you would like to send now, click the SEND button.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the attendee receive the confirmation email?

Your attendees will receive the email when they join the attendee list

I do not need the QR code

To disable the QR code from your event, follow this procedure:


Scroll down to InEvent Pass Press EDIT and disable the tool: MY QR CODE and press END

 Note this will disable the Attendee QR code in the App and the digital invoice voucher

I do not want my attendees to receive a confirmation email.


Scroll down to CONTROL and press EDIT then disable the confirmation email tool and press END

Note If the entry of the attendees has been uploaded via spreadsheet, it is mandatory to fill in the password field, if the confirmation email is disabled

Can I resend the confirmation email?

To resend the confirmation email to an attendee, go to People > Attendees, or can search on the upper left corner, type Attendees. Find the attendee you would like to send the confirmation email one more time and click on their name. A window will open on the right side, just click on the mail icon, as shown below.

Note: The attendee`s password will be automatically reset as soon as the confirmation email is resent. A new password will be sent if the Dynamic Content {{password}} is on the email.

Note 2: It is possible to send the confirmation email to all the attendee list, without changing the password, just once, at the pre-event phase. For more information, contact our Customer Success Team.

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