Confirmation Email

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Confirmation Email

You are able to send automatic emails to attendees emails as soon as they complete the enrollment.

How to configure automatic emails?

You can click on People > Communication > Automatic Emails.

You can search on the upper left corner, and type Email.

The automatic emails screen will show you three boxes that you can format your email:

  • Admission Email - sent when attendee just enrolled (Managing Admissions tools has to be enabled)
  • Confirmation email -sent when attendee is confirmed.
  • QR Code email (get in touch with your customer success rep) 

What can you insert and add to the email:

  1. Email Subject- Choose your email subject.
  2. Dynamic Links - Links such as the registration link, download page app, yes/no RSVP links etc.
  3. Dynamic Contents - Automatic references about your event and personalizaing the text to your attendee. This may include Attendee name (full name, first or last name), username, password, job title, company etc.
  4. Table of Contents - You can create your table adding how many columns and rows you wish.
  5. Images: You can ad how many images you would like.
  6. External Links - Add other links such as your company's website.

Please see example below:


Before sending the emails, you may click on "Send Preview", in order to see how the email looks. You need to be enrolled as an attendee to receive the email.

When will my attendees receive the confirmation email?

Your attendees will receive the email when they enroll themselves and they are added automatically to the attendee list.

They can be added manually or whenever filling out the registration form and being approved to the event.

I do not need a QR Code, can remove it from the email?

To disable the QR CODE, you will have to click on Event > Configuration > Tools. Search for QR Code. Click on Edit > uncheck and then click on End.

I do not want my attendees to receive an automatic email, how can a disable the tool?

To disable, you have to click on Event > Configuration > Tools. Search for Confirmation Email. Click on Edit > uncheck and then click on End

Note: If you will be adding your attendees by importing our spreadsheet or adding them manually, it is required to add the password field, if the automatic email tool is disabled.

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