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Polls can be created within each agenda items. They can be used in various ways throughout the event, especially for creating greater interaction with application users. Polls can be released at any time and each user will receive a notification on their mobile phone when new polls are available.

Step by step

How do I create a poll (survey)?

To add a poll you need to click on "AGENDA"> "VIEW ACTIVITY"> "EDIT" and select the activity you want to include the poll. Once chosen, you click on "SEE QUIZZES"> "ADD QUIZ" . You will need to fill in "quiz question" and then click "CREATE" .

To create responses or options for your poll, you need to click on the poll you want to add the responses to. Then click go into "EDIT"> "ENTER THE ANSWER"> "ADD ANSWER". You also have the option to add images to accompany the quizzes by clicking on the red box like the image below:

How do I enable a poll?

A: When you create a poll, it will be marked by our platform as "OFF". To activate a poll, you need to click on the "EDIT" button> "VISIBLE FOR PUBLIC"> "END". When you "ENABLE" a poll, all App users will receive a push message indicating that a new poll is available.

How to make do I make a poll visible to the participants?

A: You also have the option of "KEEP PRIVATE" or "PUBLIC". When the poll is "PUBLICLY VISIBLE", it means that everyone can see the poll at the time it is activated. And when unchecked this checkbox means that the poll is not visible to App users. See image above.

How do I check the responses of my polls?

A: All your poll responses will be received by our platform and can be seen when you click on the description of the poll you created, as shown in the image below:

Can I have more than one poll per activity?

A: Yes, you can create as many polls as you would like within your agenda’s activities.

How do I put my poll questions in order of priority?

A: In order for the poll questions to be in priority order, you must enter a numerical indication, such as 1, 2, 3 in front of each question. By default, the polls are sorted alphabetically and will appear in those order.

How do I enable the Polls feature?

A: Whenever you want to post a poll on your event, the "Quiz” option on the "Define Tools" page must be selected.

What is a Push Notification?

A: Push is the notification message you receive on your mobile phone while it is not operating or open. Note that if push notifications are blocked on the phone’s settings, people will not receive the notification message.

How do I broadcast poll responses onto a big screen of an event?

A: Just hit the '' Big Screen '' button in the upper left corner of the poll screen.

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