People List

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With the People List tool, event organizers can segment individuals into different groups that will be given their own agendas, notifications, emails, among many other features.

The first step in segmenting people into different lists is to begin by creating a new list. To do this, go to the InEvent platform and click on  'People'> 'Create people lists', or type 'List' in the search field of the platform on the top left hand corner.


To create a new list, you need to click on  'NEW LIST' and fill in name of the list, ending by pressing the Create button (example below)

Note that you will now have one (or more) list (s) of participants among the options that can be selected. Event organizers may now select the list they want to complete (they may also choose to delete certain lists).

Example of different lists that are custom

To add a new person to the list, click "New Person" , enter their data and click Create . You can also enter massive amounts of data via the worksheet. To learn more, see  Spreadsheet Import / Export .

An event organizer has access to pre-existing lists from other events they have created on the InEvent platform. They may import that data onto the new event’s People List. Event Organizers can click the button "Import from lists" on the Create People List page to do so.

A new window will open with a dropdown menu with all existing lists . Select that particular list and click Import to add the list into the current one. Note: lists are fixed to each company that are contracted with InEvent, which means that an Event organizer from one company does not have access to another company’s list.

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