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The invitation list of an event allows the creation of personalized invitations to the event. In addition, the organizer can also insert within it a registration form, if necessary, or a validation of the in the email. 

How do I add a guest?

To add a guest you need to click on "People"> "Registration"> "View Invite List"> "Add Invitation". After entering their email address, click on the create button to add a guest.

Is it possible to add large lists of invitational data?

A: Yes. The platform allows large data uploading using a spreadsheet in .xls format (Excel). Note: you must use upload a filled out template that we have provided. To download the default file, click "Edit"> "Import"> > "Download Demo File.

Is it possible to extract data that has been filled out?

A: Yes. You can also extract the data from the database using the "export" button.

How to do a specific search?

A: The "filter" and "search" buttons are used for specific queries and edits.

Is it possible to send customized invitations?

A: Yes. After creating the invitation it is possible to generate custom redirect using the "copy invitation" button. This will create a link to a customized form on the platform for the guest to access.

Note: Copy and send the link individually if necessary. What guests will see is shown in the image below upon following that link.

When guests receive this form and fill in their information, they will be added to the Attendees list. If the email they typed in is wrong or is not in the system, they will not be able to fill in their registration. The first image below shows a successful registration, and the second, an unsuccessful one due to an email not being in the system.

How do I delete inserted invitations by mistake?

To delete a guest or several guests at the same time, go to "People"> "Registration"> "View Invite List"> "Edit"> Select the boxes of people to remove> "Remove"> End. Deleting everyone is also possible using the ‘Select All'

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