Access Control

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Authorize with security the entrance of your attendees

Manage, control and give access to each session with the QR Code, improving your access control and reduce any possible fraud in your event. Gather information on how much time each attendee spent on each session through our integrated panel, which is accessible through premium sponsors analysis.


Q: How can I control the access using a tablet/smartphone?

A: First, you need to create a "Collector" profile in the list of attendees, and with that profile, log in the app so that it is possible to use the check in/check out function. To do this, access the path PEOPLE -> VIEW ATTENDEES or use the quick search field, typing the word Attendee.

After accessing the attendees' screen, click on the "Add Person" button and type the Complete Name, username and the password(optional). By default, the collectors are set with the names and usernames as Colector1, Colector2, Colector3 and so on. After setting the information, click the button "Create".

After creating the profile, refresh the page and then use the search field, and search the profile using keywords, e-mail or the name of the collector. After that, click on "EDIT" button and in the PERMISSION column are 3 options: USER, ADMIN or COLLECTORChoose the last and click on the "end" button.

After the change, the profile will look like this:

IMPORTANT: do not change the other users' profiles on the platform, because they will not be able to interact properly in the event. If you need to create a profile for collecting leads, it is a distinct process.

That's it! Now log in with this profile and password in the app(tablet or smartphone) and will have access to the access control mode. 

Operating the app

  • Open the app using or smartphone or tablet and choose the log in option. Log in using the username and password of the collector profile.
  • Search the event and click on it to enter it.
  • The screens of the collector profile and the user/admin are different. This is the first screen after you select the event.

There are 4 options to Access Control in the app: 

  1. Check-in of the event: entrance control of the event
  2. Check-out of the event: exit control of the event.
  3. Check-in of activity: entrance control of the activity.
  4. Check-out of activity: exit control of the activity.

If you choose the options 1 or 2, the reader will automatically in the smartphone. If you choose the options 3 or 4, you will be able to choose what activity you want to check in (option 3) or check out (option 4).

Activities Screen 

  • You can choose the activity to check in / check out.                
  • After the choice of the activity, the QR Code reader will be shown automatically, which can be used with the front or the back camera.           

Reading Confirmation Message

  • After the reading of the QR Code, the confirmation message will be received.
  • After the reading of the QR Code, it could show an error message.

    Important 1:
     The error message means that the scanned QR Code belongs to an attendee that does not belong to that activity or is not in the event. 
    Important 2: it is possible to create invisible activities just for check in and separate them by periods (ex. morning and afternoon).  We recommend that you talk to the responsible Customer Success and adapt this to your needs.
    Q: How to create an invisible activity for access control?
    A: It's common to create activities just for QR Code reading (check in/check out),  but it is not visible in the attendees' schedule. This strategy is recommended in the cases that the control is made by a certain period of time, or in case it lasts through various activities. In order to do that, access the path AGENDA -> VIEW ACTIVITIES, or search by the word activities in the search field. 

Click on "Add Activity" and fill out the fields name, date/time and click on "Create Activity"

Important: If there are two periods of check-in(morning and afternoon), use two different activities.

After the creation of the activity, click on the edit button and select the activity to set up the privacy info.

In the item visible for public, uncheck the box so that the activity is hidden for the attendees in the agenda.

In the item automatic enrollment, keep the box checked so that everybody is in enrolled in the activity.

When finished, click on the end button.