Briefing Management

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Briefing Management

Manage your documentation and important data for the event.

How can manage briefing help me in my event?

Your event spreadsheet can be substituted by a powerful system that supports information. You are able to create forms and important business regulations for your organization. You are able to collect specific leads. The forms  are so, employees  can fill out, helping the process of requesting  to be an user of a new event and different business departments. In addition, you can grant access to agents, such as event agencies and suppliers, and, through the main panel, request additional information.

How can I configure this tool?

Click on : Booking > Forms > Add forms 

There are two types of forms:

Custom Form:  Can be open ed forms ( not a login required to answer it). You can provide the form link and attendees can answer. You can export a report.

Event Booking Form:  It can collect data such as: Event name, event budget. You can add other questions. You must select who will have access to the form: Admin or users.