RSVP Confirmation

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Confirm the guest list with a simple click.

How do I configure the RSVP option?

A: You need access 'PEOPLE'> 'REGISTRATION'> ‘SET REGISTRATION FORM' . Then you should click on 'EDIT'> 'RSVP' and then on 'END' . The option must be marked so that the attendee confirms their presence when he / she submits their registration form.

Where will my guests confirm their presence?

A: If you have set up a registration form, the confirmation will appear in the form after they have filled it out.

Otherwise, the confirmation will be shown in the Notification area in the App, as shown in the example below:


Where can I confirm who will attend the event?

A: To find out who confirmed your presence in your event, just click 'PEOPLE'> 'SEE PARTICIPANTS'   and then in the 'RSVP' column see which names are marked next. You can extract an Excel file with this information for better control.

To find out how to invite a guest, click here:  Invitation List