Integration with Eventbrite

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You can now automatically synchronize purchased tickets on Eventbrite with the InEvent platform. Any attendee who purchases a ticket on the Eventbrite website will then be registered on the InEvent platform. The integration works automatically, you only need to follow the following step by step guide to synchronize data along the two platforms. Additionally, you can send all InEvent tickets to Eventbrite, as well as send them from Eventbrite to InEvent. All tickets and attendees are synchronized, including the personalized messages that appear on the each form received by attendees. Later edits, such as deleting or editing a attendee, are also synced automatically.

Step by step

To start the integration between the InEvent platform and Eventbrite, you need to click on 'EVENT'> 'INTEGRATIONS'> 'EVENTBRITE'> 'LINK ACCOUNT' and then you will need to log into your Eventbrite account .

After logging in to the Eventbrite website, you must authorize the synchronization of both platforms.

After authorization, both platforms will then be synchronized.

After synchronizing the two platforms, you will need to select the event so that your event information will be synced on the InEvent platform. To do this, simply select your event and click on 'EVENT INFORMATION', > select your event on the list and click 'LINK EVENT'.

You can check the information that will be synchronized in the field 'EVENT CONTROLS'

In 'CUSTOM FIELD' you can see the additional fields that have been entered in the Subscription form and the Eventbrite platform. To link the information, select from the options listed in the 'EVENTBRITE FIELDS' field.

In 'SYNCHRONIZATION' you can see all synced Eventbrite attendees for the InEvent platform.

To confirm who your attendees are, you will need to click on 'PEOPLE'> 'VIEW ATTENDEES'.

How do I synchronize all Eventbrite attendees into the InEvent platform?

To synchronize all attendees enrolled in the EventBrite platform, you only need to click on 'SYNCHRONIZATION'> 'SYNC ATTENDEES' on the InEvent platform.

You will then receive an email confirmation when the synchronization process is ready. After receiving the confirmation email, refresh (F5) the 'PEOPLE'> 'VIEW ATTENDEES' page.

To check your entries on the Eventbrite website, click on your logo at the top right and then on 'MANAGE EVENTS'> 'MANAGE'> 'MANAGE ATTENDEES'> 'ORDERS'.

You can add a new entrant by completing the information requested in 'MANAGE ATTENDEES' on the Eventbrite platform. Whenever you do this, it will automatically appear on the InEvent platform, in the 'PEOPLE'> 'VIEW attendeeS' session  .


Note: Whenever you delete a attendee from the Eventbrite website, you must update (F5) the  'PEOPLE'> 'SEE attendeeS' page.