Ticket Manager

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This tool helps out in ticket management and control. The Manage Tickets feature enables the functions of:

  • Adding event ticket types (differentiating, for example, whether it is a half-entry or a full entry);
  • Pricing tickets;
  • Defining which attendees ticket and what they should purchase.

How do I enter tickets on the platform?

A: To do this, go to People > Tickets > Manage Ticket. Then, click on Add Ticket . An extension of the screen will appear and you must complete the following fields:

  • Ticket Name
  • Value

Click Create to finish.

Once this is done, just click Create to save the ticket.

To register onto the platform a large number of tickets, consider using the the Import function. It is possible to pass all ticket data from an Excel spreadsheet into the platform. However, the spreadsheet requires the use of the template that is downloadable from our platform.

To import the data from the spreadsheet into the Ticket Manager, just click Edit> Import. If you do not have a default template file, you will need to download it and fill in the ticket information on it. Click the green button to select the worksheet and click on Add once uploaded.

To finish importing the tickets just click on the Add button , which will appear just after the file is selected.

At the end of the registration of your tickets, they will appear on the screen queued in the order of the register.

Important: Never delete the first three lines of the template sheet. If they are deleted the platform will inform you that there was an error and will not import the information.

How do I delete event tickets?

A: To delete, just click Edit , select the ticket and click Remove > End .

Can I associate a ticket with a participant?

A: Yes. To do this you must go to the People> View Attendees tab and then select or search for the desired participant.

Click on the person's name on the Attendees list and then the 'Edit' button. A new screen continuation will open on the right with all of that person’s information. Scroll down the menu on the right and select the ticket for that person. To save, click End.

It is also possible to make the digital ticket available through a voucher, which can be sent to the attendee either by email or in the mobile application. The Digital Ticket Voucher is customizable and the event administrator can choose what information it will present (such as QR Code or gateway, for example).

Simply select the desired participant by clicking Edit> View Voucher

Example of Voucher:

Learn more about the Digital Ticket Voucher

The Ticket Manager is a great tool for use by event organizers. Additional features that it has includes an automatic follow-up of unused tickets that will notify the administrator's email before the event begins.