Text Message / SMS Reminder

Updated 3 weeks ago ​by Maria Martini

Text Message / SMS Reminder

This is a communication feature which allows you to send text message directly your invitee mobile number. You will be able to: 

  • Send Text Messages to all attendees at the same time. 
  • Send Text Messages to all Invitees at the same time.
  • Send Text Messages to a determined custom list (Attendees/Invitees).  

To chose the list you wish to send the message, select on the menu (Left side of the screen). You can personalize a message selecting information in each field (Name, Company, Role etc.) 

How can I send a Text Message?

To send text message: People > Communication > SMS SENDER > NEW SMS

How do I add a telephone number to the Attendees profile?

To add a telephone number, PEOPLE > ATTENDEES > EDIT > Click on the Person you wish to add a number > ADD TELEPHONE.