Custom Domain

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With Custom Domain you can place the hotsite created through InEvent's platform onto another website of your liking.

How do I configure 'Custom Domain'?

A: You need to access the 'DETAILS '> then click on 'EDIT' at the top-right > find the 'ALLOW NON-ENCRYPTED CONNECTIONS' option .

By checking this option, you will be linking the official website of the event to any connections, encrypted or not, making it accessible to any domain you want to use with the InEvent platform.

Then, you need to click go back to your event on the left menu bar, when there, go to EVENT> CONFIGURATION> SET DETAILS. Next, find and click on the 'PERSONAL DOMAIN' option. You will then need to fill in the 'CNAME', with the address of the official event website with our domain of '' .

Note: You should also configure your domain's DNS for this CNAME. If you have questions, contact our Customer Success team.

Every time you access the event's hotsite through the InEvent platform, you will see that the URL will be the same as the official website that has been linked.


What happens if I do not have an encrypted site?

A: Please contact InEvent's Customer Success Team to further discuss this question.

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