Create an Event

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Create, edit and manage your company's events through the InEvent platform.

How do I create a new event?

You must click on "EVENTS"> "+ NEW EVENT", complete "EVENT'S NAME" field  and then click on "CREATE" button.

How do I delete an event from my list?

To delete an event click on "EDIT", tick event checkbox and then click on "REMOVE"> "END".

Is it possible to add an admini for all my events? And just for a specific one?

Both situations are possible. 

To add an admin for all your events, you should click 'MANAGERS'> '+New Person'. Write his/her name and e-mail and then click on Create.

 This person will be able to add and change information that directly reflects on event features, as well as change images, company description, app name, modify color settings and create new events.

To add an admin to a specific event,  click on "PEOPLE" >" VIEW ATTENDEES" > "EDIT" and change to 'admin permission'. More details are described in Access Permission.

How to update event/app visual identity?

Visual identity update must be done in multi-event area. 

See White Label for more information.

How do I enable or disable event tools?

To change tools that will be available to all events, go to "TOOLS"> "EDIT".

According to your requirement select or clear tools checkboxes and click on "END".

To change tools available in a specific event, click on "EVENT"> "CONTENT"> "'TOOLS"> "EDIT" and then tick tools checkboxes you want to add or remove. To save changes, click "END".