Integration with MOIP

Updated 1 month ago ​by Customer Success

Your ticket sales payments can be processed automatically using a custom page. Your systems can receive the payments, as well as make deposits directly to your checking accounts. Additionally, fees can be negotiated directly with credit card companies to find the best rates for the volume of tickets sold at your event.

To configure MOIP integration, you need to click on EVENT> INTEGRATIONS> MOIP .

For test environment

Enter the API Key and Token in the fields, leave the environment in Sandbox and click on LINK MY ACCOUNT .

For real buying environments

Please request the integration information from the customer and place the environment in Production.

Manager Access

To access the ticket manager, place the following url ‘login.php? Redirect = purchase.php extension’ shortly after the event name in the URL.


Registration form

The manager has a section linked to the sign up form. However, only the form's custom fields can appear in the manager. The default questions of Cargo and Company will not appear. If you need this information, please create fields for them.

Note: When submitting a ticket by invitation (click on Send invitation in the attendee’s personal information menu), the Cargo and Company questions will appear there, in order to avoid conflict, lock these fields in Tools ( Event> Configuration> Define Tools> Profile Lock ).

Note 2: If there is no open form marked, custom fields will not appear for participants who receive their tickets by invitation.