Rooming List

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The InEvent platform allows you to create a list of rooms, be it at a hotel or any other lodging. attendees will have access to this list where they will be able to see all the information of each room (name, description, capacity and guests currently present in it).

Step by step

How do I add a room?

A: To add a room you need to click on "PEOPLE"> "HOSPITALITY"> "VIEW ROOM LIST"> "ADD ROOM" . After entering the name of the room, its description and capacity, click on the create button.

Is it possible to import large amounts of data (eg. a list of rooms and their respective information)?

A: Yes. The platform allows importing data with the use of a spreadsheet in .xls format (Excel). It is necessary to use the platform’s template spreadsheet. "EDIT"> "IMPORT"> "DOWNLOAD DEMO FILE". After filling out the standard worksheet, the file should be saved on your computer and then imported into our platform as shown below:

If you need to delete a room that may have been added by mistake, click the "Edit" button and select the room you want to delete, then click "Remove".

How do people sign up using the application?

A: Each user must access the application, enter the MENU and choose the 'Lodging' option. There, you will have a list of all available rooms and you can either select yours or invite an already registered roommate to share the room.

The list of rooms will be available and will have the information desired by the organizer of the event.

Once you click on the desired room, you will have the option to enter and join this room. You will also know if it is empty or is already occupied by someone.

You will receive a message asking you to confirm the choice of room and then confirmation message if you have set your choice.

How do I move from one room to another?

A: You can change rooms and choose a new one. To make the change click on LEAVE at the top-right and then confirm to leave the room. After this, you can pick a new room by following the step above.