Forum (Comments)

Updated 5 months ago ​by Customer Success

This feature enables communication of all attendees within an activity group. People can comment and add various opinions through the Forum feature. The main goal behind this feature is to facilitate interaction with a possibility of Content Marketing.

How does the attendee send a message on the activity forum?

Just access the App and within the AGENDA tab, click on the activity and search for FORUM. When entering, just type the message and send it.

Can I moderate the messages posted by my attendees?

Yes. To enable forum moderation, simply go to EVENT> CONFIGURATIONS> DEFINE TOOLS> EDIT and in MODERATE. uncheck the "Approve comments from attendees" checkbox .

Moderation can be done either by the App with an event administrator login or by the web admin. To moderate via web admin just go to AGENDA> SEE COMMENTS> EDIT,  then select the activity and comment to be approved or decline it.