Message Scheduling

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You can schedule a message across the platform to be sent at any time you choose.

Step by step

How do I schedule a message?

A: Access PEOPLE> COMMUNICATION>SCHEDULE PUSH MESSAGES. Enter your message and then click on SCHEDULE.

You can schedule a message to be sent at any time you wish. All scheduled messages are GMT, ie your message needs to be scheduled 3 hours ahead of GMT, which is the official time in Brazil. If your message should be sent at 6:00 pm in Brazil, your message should be scheduled by 9:00 pm GMT. Please follow the platform’s message under Submission Date to ensure correct delivery of your messages.

NOTE : When sending a push message of up to 140 characters, do not use special characters such as:

  • "quotation marks"
  • apostrophe'  
  • backslash \
  • or line break.

Is the message sent immediately  or is it delayed?

A: The message will be sent at the time you scheduled it. There will only be a delay if you set the time incorrectly. Always remember that our platform uses GMT time, which should be taken into account when scheduling your message (in the USA, we use PDT, EST, CST, and so forth, so please plan accordingly).