Flight management

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Flight management

Organize the logistics and information for travelers to your event.

With this feature, you may upload information and flight details of each attendee, which includes features such as their departure time, arrival time, airport of origin and destination, flight number and other details. Furthermore, you may find out if a participant's flight is delayed, what their benefits are (VIP rooms, special meals, etc.) as well as personal data such as travel insurance, passports or special notes.

To add flight information for participants, just go to PEOPLE> HOSPITALITY> VIEW FLIGHTS> ADD FLIGHT> CHOOSE A PERSON and add the data.

To add a list of data, just click EDIT> IMPORT> DOWNLOAD THE DEMO FILE , then enter the requested information and import the worksheet into the platform.

Flight information for each attendee can be sent via email and it will also appear on the attendee’s ‘Voucher’ on the app.