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On the InEvent platform, Attendees are people who will be attending the event that they are invited to. We can add attendees to the InEvent platform in several ways.

Step by step guide

How do I add attendees using a Spreadsheet?

A: There is an option of uploading data of attendees with the Import Spreadsheet feature.

The import spreadsheet allows event organizers to add a large amount  data of people onto the platform at once to list them as attendees. The spreadsheet contains the following information: name, email, password, company, position, summary, image url for attendee’s profile, unique itinerary message, an option to choose whether the profile will be publicly visible or not, and their preferred language.

To import the spreadsheet, go follow the steps below:


The spreadsheet comes with an example of how to fill each of the columns. Note that the fields of email and name of all people on the spreadsheet are the only two requirements, otherwise an error will occur when the file is uploaded.  Once completed the file should be saved on your computer and then imported using the green file button next to ‘Add’ on our platform as shown below, then click the Add button:

What happens if I do not assign a password to each attendee?

When a worksheet is uploaded without a password, the InEvent platform develops randomized passwords for each attendee that were added to the event. If the attendees email is correctly registered and there were no errors when uploading the worksheet to the platform, an automatic email will be sent to each attendee with their login and password to access the event. However, the feature of "Confirmation Email" must be enabled in the EVENT > CONFIGURATION > DEFINE TOOLS page.

How do I delete an attendee?

A:  To delete the record of a certain attendee, we must click on "EDIT"> "SELECT THE CHECKBOX NEXT TO ATTENDEE"> "REMOVE".

How do I add a new attendee manually through the platform?

A: To insert a new attendee, simply click on "ADD PEOPLE"> "Insert attendee information"> confirm the action and finish by clicking "CREATE". Note: email/username is a requirement to adding attendees.

How do I edit an attendee's information?

A: If an attendee’s information needs to be modified, including their password follow the steps below. Note: emails of attendees cannot be modified.

"SEARCH" the profile of the attendee whose information you want to change, or select them from the list and click on their name:

Then, click on the "EDIT" button

Right after this sequence of commands below, a screen will appear on the right side, with the information of the attendee in question that event administrators can modify. Scroll down for more fields to edit on the right hand side-menu of an attendee:

How do I change an attendee's password?

A: To make any changes to the attendee’s information or reset the attendee password, we must enter the new data into the specific fields.

Note: resetting or modifying an attendee’s password does not notify them. They must be notified externally off the platform.

How to disable confirmation emails:

A: To disable the confirmation emails, we need to access the "TOOLS" in the platform pane (click the icon on the topleft hand of the page), scroll down until you find the "LOGIN" field and click "EDIT" . The image below shows the steps to disabling confirmation emails.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3:

Step 4:

After clicking "EDIT" , we can enable/disable the features of the platform. Therefore, we must uncheck the checkbox for the "CONFIRMATION SEND" functionality and confirm by clicking "END". This will no longer send confirmation emails when an attendee is added to the platform.

How do I hide personal information of attendees?

To disable information, we need to access the "TOOLS" in the platform’s menu pane. Scroll down until you find the "BLOCK" field and click "EDIT" . After clicking "EDIT" , we can enable and disable the features of the platform. Therefore, we can select which information will be visible in the profiles of each attendee to one another. Checkmark the desired ones confirm by clicking on "END".

What happens if I trigger emails that do not exist?

A: InEvent follows international policies to ensure the best solutions globally.

Check out the link below for software requirements:

False E-mail Policy

Our policy states that any email campaign that has a bounce rate greater than 5% is considered abusive and will be automatically blocked from our systems.

Therefore, if a number of false, erroneous or non-existent emails exceeding this limit is registered on the platform, the sending of confirmation emails will be blocked.

Here is an image of this policy.

Can you check which admin has changed or uploaded new files?

A: Yes, it is possible. However, you must contact the InEventer who is responsible for your company / your event’s support because it requires internally searching the company’s data and is off-limits to others.

How do I insert multiple lists of attendees with overlapping data?

A: Event administrators may add as many lists of attendees as possible. As long as they follow the basic demo file, no problems will occur. When new lists with new data are uploaded with previously added attendees, the data is superimposed and replaced with the newer one. Note that changing passwords is a premium function that must be acquired separately.

How do I block an attendee’s interactions:

A: To block the interactions between attendees of the event, simply define them as "PRIVATE" attendees , that is, make them "INVISIBLE" to other attendees.

We can block attendee interaction using two different methods.

- When uploading the spreadsheet of attendees onto the platform, we must mark them as a ‘Yes’ in the column with the question "Should this person be invisible to others?". Example of the image below:

How do I edit the attendee information selected by the platform?

A: Click   "SEARCH" or find your attendee(s)> "EDIT"> check the "PRIVATE" checkbox.

Can you login to the platform without being registered as a attendee?

A: Yes. Logging in is possible for new attendees without a registered email, however, the event administrator must activate this option in "TOOLS">  "LOGIN" Category > "EDIT". > "USERNAMES ", to enable event access without an email.

Enable the function.

How do I send a message to a single attendee?

A: To send a message / push to just one attendee, you need to click on 'PEOPLE'> 'VIEW ATTENDEE'>   and click on their name. Once their information appears in a side menu, click on ‘SEND MESSAGE’ and a text box will appear below. Fill it out and click on the second ‘SEND MESSAGE’ button below the text box. Each message can be up to 140 characters long.                    

Step 1: Select Attendee on Attendees page (selected attendee will appear in blue)

Step 2: A menu will appear with the attendee’s profile, click on ‘Send Message’


Step 3: Create the message

NOTE : When sending a push message of up to 140 characters, please do not use special characters such as:

  • "quotation marks"
  • apostrophe'  
  • backslash \
  • or line_break.

IMPORTANT: To insert notes about the history of each attendee, see the article: HISTORY NOTES