Itinerary with Personalized Messages

Updated 5 months ago ​by Customer Success

This feature helps organize the logistics of attendees who will attend your event. This feature enables organizers to send attendees logistics and travel information (or any other type of specific information). Event Organizers can then upload information regarding guest's flights, hotel rooms and / or transfers onto the platform.

Additionally, the in-app tab explains the instructions to the event for attendees, letting them know details of when and where to arrive for the event, lodging information, and their transfers. The organizer can upload this information using the attendee's spreadsheet in admin mode on the platform, additionally, organizers can include with the spreadsheet individualized information for each attendee.

How do I send unique information to each person?

A: You have two options of sending unique messages.

Option 1 - Sending information one by one, individually, through the InEvent platform.

To do this just click on 'PEOPLE'> ‘VIEW ATTENDEES'> 'EDIT' and click on the desired person. Note: the right side of the screen displays the person's information.

To send the message you just have to fill in the information regarding  'ITINERARY / LOGISTICS' by scrolling down the menu on the right. To save, click  'END'.

Option 2- Sending messages to everyone using an imported spreadsheet.

To do this, you will need to download the default file of attendees in   'PEOPLE'> 'VIEW ATTENDEES'> 'EDIT' > 'IMPORT'> 'DOWNLOAD DEMO FILE'>

The default file is in an Excel spreadsheet that organizers must fill in and then imported onto the platform. Note: all entered information is updated automatically whenever you import in a new file with attendee information.

To send a message to all attendees, you just have to fill in the column that asks ‘What exclusive message should this person receive?’ in the spreadsheet. Hint: copy-pasting or dragging down the cell can aid in replicating messages.

To import your spreadsheet, return to the platform click the green file button to upload the spreadsheet, then press Add, then click the checkmark to End.

For more information about Import and Export spreadsheets, click here:  Import / Export Spreadsheet .