Top errors when importing spreadsheets

Updated 2 months ago ​by Customer Success

When importing worksheets to the platform, some errors may occur. When you upload a worksheet of attendees, and the process has been completed in a few minutes, you will receive an email stating whether the import was successfully completed or if any errors occurred and what this error was. The image below shows an example of an error message being sent to the email.

Below are the main errors that are made and the solutions for each of them:

Line 3: Missing table headers. Please re-download your default spreadsheet again.

 This error can occur for some reasons:

  • You have entered customizable fields for your event. The spreadsheet should always be dynamic. If you have recently added new customizable fields, you need to download the default spreadsheet back to the platform under People> View Attendees> Edit> Import> Instructions> Download the demo file

  • You have deleted or inserted a column or row from the worksheet header. The worksheet is the default template that must be used. The main header data and columns cannot be deleted . Download the default worksheet again and enter the required information according to the template.

Error 400: Attribute is a required parameter.

This error happens due to a lack of some mandatory information such as name or username. To correct it simply insert the missing information.


Error: 406: Registration date for the event did not start or has already been closed.

To import a spreadsheet, it is necessary that the event’s enrollment period is still intact. If you encounter this error, just correct the dates in Event> Configure details> Edit.

Error importing calendar activities

The main mistake when importing calendar activities, besides the errors similar to those mentioned above, is to insert some date or time outside the scope of the event. Simply correct this information in the platform in Event> Configure details> Editor in the worksheet and import again.