Targeted Schedule for Lists of People

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With the Agenda, people can be put into different lists and then segmented into various activities. You can ensure that within the same event, each group of attendees will see a different agenda according to the List that they are a part of. This option facilitates the differentiation of groups in activities where there is some restriction of participation. Only people who are part of a specific list can view the details of the activity and subscribe to it.

Note: If there are no lists added, the activity will remain open to all or in compliance with the administrator's default setting.

To work with segmentation of lists, the following steps are required:

  1. Create the different list of attendees (s)
  2. Create event calendar activities
  3. Link each activity with a group of attendees
  4. Distribute attendees to lists

1) Create the attendee target list (s)

The first step to segment a group is the creation of the list where there will be differentiation of the attendees. To do this, go to the InEvent platform and click on 'PEOPLE'> ‘CREATE PEOPLE LIST> 'DEFINE LIST OF PEOPLE'.



To create a new list, you need to click on 'NEW LIST' and fill in the information with 'List Name'.


Note that you will now have one (or more) list(s) of attendees among the selection options, so simply select the list to work on the addition details, or even delete this list.


2) Create the activities of the event agenda

To create the event activities, this can be done by creating unit or importing via standard Excel spreadsheet. To see in detail how to set up the schedule, see this article to understand in detail: My Agenda

3) Link each activity with a group of attendees

Once the lists of people are created, and the agenda items as well, you can now go to the activity schedule and direct which activities will be part of each group's agenda.

To include the new list of attendees in an activity, click 'AGENDA'> 'VIEW ACTIVITIES'.


Click the activity you want, then click 'EDIT'> 'LIST OF PEOPLE'.


The next step is to choose which list you want to associate with each of the activities. Always remember that only the people on the list can see and choose that activity. Click on the desired list and then finalize with 'ADD LIST'.


All activities that are not linked to a list of attendees will be visible to everyone in the event!

To delete a list of people from an activity, simply click the trash icon and then 'END'.


4) Distribute the attendees on the list

Now the last step is to add the attendees who will be part of each list of people. First, one must choose the list in which the attendees will be added, and then there are two ways to add them, (1) individually, and (2) in bulk, through the import via excel spreadsheet.

(1) To add the attendees in a unitary way, just click on 'NEW PERSON ' and fill in the requested information, such as name and email and then click on 'CREATE' in People>Create People List.



You can add as many people as you need to this group. When you add an attendee to the list, it will be listed just below the general information. You can then view the data as 'NAME' and 'E-MAIL' and the status of 'NO EVENT' participation.

If the word 'NO' exists in the 'NO EVENT' column , it is because this email is not registered in the list of attendees of the event. Through the button in the 'VIEW' column , you will be redirected to the ATTENDEE> VIEW ATTENDEE page , where you will see that person's personal information and also the general list of all others enrolled in the event.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to add a attendee to more than one list?

Yes, each attendee can be added to several lists, and thus see all activities linked to that list

Can an activity be linked to more than one attendee list?

Yes, an activity can be linked to as many attendee lists as necessary, so that all people from all the linked lists can see and subscribe to this activity

What happens to a attendee's agenda if you remove an attendee from a corresponding list?

In this case, the person will be unsubscribed from all activities linked to that list, and you will no longer see those activities on her schedule

What happens if I change the schedule of an activity in the calendar that already has attendees from one or more subscribed lists?

In this case, the system will check the attendees' agenda one by one and if they are enrolled in another activity in the same period, they will lose their enrollment in the activity that has been changed, and therefore will be unsubscribed from it

Is it possible to not give attendees the option to register / unsubscribe from the activities on the agenda?

Yes, there is a tool that allows, in real time, to enable editing for enrollment / unsubscription in activities by attendees.

Is it possible for attendees to be enrolled in more than one simultaneous activity?

Yes, there is a tool that allows in real time, the ability to enable editing, to allow or block enrollment in more than one simultaneous activity. To learn more, take a look at the article on concurrent calendars: Simultaneous Agenda

What happens when you change a list’s attendee?

He will lose his subscription to every activity in the first list that has been deleted, and then all the auto-enrollment activities in the new list will already be entered in his calendar, and he will see all the activities available for the new list that has been added .

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