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Gamification is a solution on the platform that allows you to create engagement activities for attendees based on task fulfillments. Their interactions are communicated by the participant and moderated in the platform or live app by the administrator. It is possible to measure score results of attendees as well as creating rewards for them, too.


Step by step

With a strategy in hand, it is time to configure the information onto the platform through the path "PEOPLE"> "INTERACTIVE" > "START GAMIFICATION"> "ADD MISSION" .

Then fill in the details for the "Mission", including the "Description" and the "Score" that will be assigned for each activity. Then click the "Create" button.

There are no limits on the platform to the number of missions possible.

To remove a mission from the card simply click on EDIT , select the mission you want to delete and click REMOVE .

All quests will be moderated by the admin profile.

Clicking on the mission will display a new screen to the right, listing the people who completed the mission requesting approval. The blue checkmark approves the person’s task, while the orange X declines it.

The "See Posts" button redirects the admin to the feed’s posts, which helps to make admin moderation easier.

To see the classification based on approvals and punctuation, use the "See Ranking" button when not in Edit mode on the page.

Gamificacion on the Event App: