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Tags are useful tools to help in the creation of your organization. Tags can be used on Attendees, Speakers, Sponsors, as well as on Activities, in order to categorize them into various categories.

In order to create Tags, go to Event > Content > Configure Tags

Then, click on +Add Tag and type in the name, and pick a tag color, and end by clicking on Create.

Next, select the category of the tag: pick from the four options of Speakers, Sponsors, Attendees, or Activities.

There are no limits as to how many tags can be created.

To assign tags for Speakers, go to Event > Content > Configure Speakers

Then, click on a speaker and enter Edit mode. Scroll down on the menu on the right and look for the 'Tags' category. Then select a tag and when done, click +Tag.

When done, click End.

To add a tag to a sponsor, go to Event > Content > Configure Sponsors

Then click on a sponsor. In the menu on the right, scroll down to Tag and choose a Tag, then click +Tag

When done, click on End.

To add tags to an attendee, go to People > View Attendees

Then, click on an attendee and scroll down in Edit mode. You will see different Tags in the Attendee category at the bottom. Click on any tag that applies to the Attendee (more than one can be selected). Then, click End when done.

Adding Tags to Activities.

To add Tags to activities, go to Agenda > View Activities

Then, click on an activity and go to the ‘Tags’ column.

Afterwards, enter Edit mode, and select a tag and press Add Tag.

Press End when completed.