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No more lines for your event!

Have you ever thought about allowing participants to check in using their own mobile devices? With our technology, this is an intuitive and clear process. Our apps are able to scan the QR Code or email from your attendees and print your badges in less than a second!

Information control

In order for all participants' information to be printed correctly on the event label, this data must be in the attendee's worksheet that is imported to the platform in the pre-event or participants enter the information via the App.

Tag templates

You can define which information should be printed on the labels, and choose from among the various templates available for printing. Check out some models below:

Operating Requirements

To operate each totem we need two essential things:

* These are very important points. Without a connection, the system will not be able to synchronize data, and if the power is 220V, it will burn the equipment.

We can have an online meeting with the internet provider and power cabling to align needs.


In case of the event has totems for accreditation, the dimensions of the devices to be used are (by totem):

- Tablet: Dimensions of 14.95 cm (L) X 24.19 cm (A) X (P) 8.50 mm and weight of 490 grams.
- Printer: Dimensions 128 mm (L) x 221 mm (A) x 153 mm (P) and weight of approx. 1.12 kg.

    Totems must contain spaces for:

    - Attaching the tablets and connecting to the charger (the camera can not be capped);
    - Printer fastening, raspberry and power strip;
    - Interconnection of the connection cables. 

    The printer "spits" printed labels, requiring a backstop so that it does not fall to the ground in case there is not a dedicated person on the toten to assist participants in picking up the labels.

    Event input lines

    Ideal Location

    - Totens:
    In order for the accreditation to be successful, the totens must be fixed immediately at the entrance of the event and without any type of obstruction for their identification. In the delivery of ideal experience, totems should allow only a single flow of accreditation, and participants always move forward intuitively.

    - Trouble:
    The trouble must be located at the end of the single flow.

    Promoters and disclosure

    It is extremely important that at the entrance of the event, have promoters to direct the participants to each queue, according to the information it has, in addition to presenting at least 1 promoter for each 2 totems of accreditation.

    To achieve success in accreditation, actions to publicize the existence of the APP and the need to use the QR Code to obtain the credential are fundamental aspects. Here are some examples of actions:

    - Sending of marketing email informing the participant to download the APP and use the QR Code in the moment of being accredited in the event;
    - Install displays in the entrance of the event with step-by-step on how to download the APP and sign up;
    - Install stickers on the floor, indicating the 'paths' of the queues for each type of participant.

    Badge printing

    Upon arriving at the event the participant will be directed by the queues to one of the totems, where he will pass his QR code or email for printing the label.

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