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Accreditation is one of the most important steps for the success perception of an event. This is where your audience will get an early impression of your organization.

Our accreditation software allows the participant to print their credential by reading their QR Code, which may be in the application or in the event registration confirmation email, or by searching for their name, email or other search parameter (as CPF). Usually printing takes 3 to 7 seconds.

Technology Requirements

The technical requirements for accreditation vary depending on the format it will have at your event: self-service or with the support of promoters at each credential printing station. Check out the possibilities below.

PrinterBrother QL-810wBrother QL-810w or Brother QL-700
HardwareSamsung Tablets with Android 4.0 or laterMac OS X 10.8 or later / Windows 7 or later
Computers can have browsers:
- Chrome V 40 (or later)
- Mozilla Firefox V 7 (or later)
-  Safari V 9 (or later)
Internet0.5 MB Per Printer0.5 MB per printer
Voltage110  V 
(Connect up to 2 printers in the same outlet)
110 V
(Connect up to 2 printers in the same outlet)
Number of Promoters1 for every 3 Accreditation Stations1 Per Accreditation Station

* These are very important points. Without a connection, the system will not be able to synchronize data, and if the power is 220V, it will burn the equipment.

We can have an online meeting with the internet provider and power cabling to align needs.

Credential Setup

To configure the event credentialing go to 'PEOPLE' > 'REGISTRATION' > 'PRINTING LABEL'

Press the 'EDIT' button in the top right corner


Set the background of your Self-Accreditation Tablet. The image should be exact 1920x1080 (px by px). We recommend images without texts so as not to confuse the attendee.

Label Type

Our platform has 27 label templates that vary between their dimensions  (62mmx90mm, 27mmx62mm, 62mmx62mm, 23mmx62mm) , number of lines of information  (Title, Legend and / or extra)  and present or not QR Code. You can choose the information of each line and the positioning of the QRCode, the latter according to our already established models. In Title , Legend and Extra you will find the fields on your Registration Form to compose your credential information. Therefore, if you want content different from the default options of Name , Title and Company
 , you must configure the form beforehand.

Alignment of credential text

Set whether the Title, Caption, and Extra lines are left, center, or right on the credential

Note: This alignment does not change the position of the QR code

Caps Lock

Set whether the contents of the credential will be all in Caps Lock or whether the impression will be as filled by the participant / organizer.


If you want your accreditation to submit the application form on the tablet, leave the "Yes" option selected. 

Note: We do not recommend enabling this option on your tablet when tickets are sold.

Printing limit

Define how many credentials each attendee can print. 

Note: The limit on the same tablet, regardless of the configured limit will always be 1. Therefore if printing limits above 2, the attendee must perform the extra print at another point of service.

Search for

Choose the search parameter that your attendee will use in self-accreditation. This option is linked to the Registration Form . In this way, if you want an option other than the attendees "e-mail", "name or e-mail" or "user", you must first configure the form and Ensure it is filled out correctly

Show partial results

If "YES" is set, the system will return the 10 results linked to that search, whether complete or not ( example 1 ). If "NO" is set, the system only returns a result that is exactly the same as the search parameter ( example 2 ). 

  • Example 1: Consider the name "Peter John Grant" and that Search by has been defined as "name or e-mail". In case of "YES", the attendee who enters a part of the name ("peter" "John" or "Grant") can already find the first 10 results linked to these searches. 
  • Example 2: Consider CPF 123.456.789-01 and that Search by was defined as "CPF", which was a custom form field. In case of "NO", the attendee will only find his credential when entering the complete CPF .

Accreditation via  Tablet

After you download  the App for your Event to your tablet, you need to log in with the data previously registered by your organization. 

In the app press the 'MENU' tab then 'Accreditation' 

Press PRINTER SETTINGS to configure your printer settings 

Select 'Reader for badge Printing' and choose the printer.

Totems for Accreditation

In case of the event has totems for accreditation, the dimensions of the devices to be used are (by totem):

- Tablet: Dimensions of 14.95 cm (L) X 24.19 cm (A) X (P) 8.50 mm and weight of 490 grams.
- Printer: Dimensions 128 mm (L) x 221 mm (A) x 153 mm (P) and weight of approx. 1.12 kg.

    Totems must contain spaces for:

    - Attaching the tablets and connecting to the charger (the camera can not be capped);
    - Printer fastening, raspberry and power strip;
    - Interconnection of the connection cables. 

    The printer "prints" printed labels, requiring a backstop so that it does not fall to the ground in case there is not a dedicated person on the totem to assist participants in picking up the labels.

    Event input lines

    Ideal Location

    - Totems:
    In order for the accreditation to be successful, the totems must be fixed immediately at the entrance of the event and without any type of obstruction for their identification. In the delivery of ideal experience, totems should allow only a single flow of accreditation, and attendees always move forward intuitively.

    - Trouble:
    The trouble must be located at the end of the single flow.

    Promoters and disclosure

    It is extremely important that at the entrance of the event, have promoters to direct the attendees to each queue, according to the information it has, in addition to presenting at least 1 promoter for each 2 totems of accreditation.

    To achieve success in accreditation, actions to publicize the existence of the APP and the need to use the QR Code to obtain the credential are fundamental aspects. Here are some examples of actions:

    - Sending of marketing email informing the attendees to download the APP and use the QR Code in the moment of being accredited in the event;
    - Install displays in the entrance of the event with step-by-step on how to download the APP and sign up;
    - Install stickers on the floor, indicating the 'paths' of the queues for each type of attendee.

    Badge printing

    Upon arriving at the event the attendee will be directed by the queues to one of the totems, where they will pass their QR code or email for printing the label.

    Accreditation via Macbook

    For computer printing, you must search for the attendee and click on their name. In the side editing window that opens, click the print icon (it will have a red ball).  

    Then download the plugin

    After installation, click the InEvent icon on the top bar of your computer and get the numeric code. Enter the code in the Connection window as instructed, and click Connect.

    The connection is complete when the ball icon color of the print icon turns green.

    After connecting, you can choose which printer will be the credential. And then click the participant name again and then click the credential print icon.

    Note: The connection to the computer is only made at the beginning of the process. After entering the code and selecting the printer, you just need to find the attendees and click on the print icon.


    We recommend an accredited location with at least two computers and two printers for every 800 participants for troubleshooting. 

    In general, information changes occur on the Attendee List " screen 

    Here you can add new attendees and their information, edit other attendee credentials and also reprint credentials.

    • New Subscribers:  Enter the new Congress Party manually in the attendee List as per these instructions . Make sure you fill out the credential fields correctly. Then click the print icon.
    • Reprint credentials: In the list of attendees, search for the attendee, and then click Edit. In the editing side window, scroll down to the "Print" item. Zero the item and click End. Now, click the credential print button.

    • Credential information changes:  Search for the attendee, then click Edit. Change the information as required by the attendee and then clear the number of prints. Click End, and then click the print button for the credential.