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The questions feature’s main objective is to create interactions between the attendees of an event and the organizers (and among themselves). It is possible, in real time, to ask questions within the activities that are happening at the moment. Approval of questions can be automatic (all questions are posted instantly) or moderated (all questions must be reviewed and approved before being posted).

Step by step

How do I see the questions that were asked during an activity?

A: To access questions that were asked during various activities, just click on " Agenda"> "View Questions" and then click on the activity that you want to see where the questions were asked.  

You can also use the quick search field by typing the word "Question" in the upper left corner.

How do I approve questions asked during the activities?

A: By browsing the activity, you can check on attendee questions and moderate them. To moderate the questions, just click on "Edit" (upper right corner), and then manage the information questions. It is possible to approve or not approve them, even having the option to delete the question (trash icon). When done, click "End".

Moderation can be done by the application itself. When you click on the details of an activity, go to "choose questions". The approved questions will be listed and those waiting for moderation.

How do I block the questions function during my activities?

A: To force all questions to go under moderation, you will need to click on "Configuration"> "Define tools"> "Edit".  

In the "Moderation" section ,   uncheck the " Participant questions - Automatic approval of attendees' activity questions " option .

Can I display the questions asked to the audience present at the event?

A: Yes, just click on "Calendar"> "View questions" and choose the mode of view: TV or Display. For more information, visit "Content Projection" .