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Hold all your events in a custom calendar.

In a single calendar, you can view all events in your organization, including past, current, and future events. New events automatically appear in the calendar, fully synchronized with your briefing and budget management. You can add different colors for different types of events, search for specific events or even share them with your co-workers.

Where can I see my calendar?

A: You can access your calendar in the Calendar tab in the platform's initial menu, as shown below:

In the home screen of the calendar, you can see all the events created for your company. The initial setting will always show the current month of the calendar.

If you want to search for another month, both of events that have already happened and events that are still going to happen, just select the month you want by clicking the arrows on the right for future events, or the left arrow-for events that have already happened. Note that you can also search through the name of your event.

You also have the option to further filter the search for your events by selecting what type of event it is: online or face-to-face event. Public or private event and event visible or invisible. If you want to clear the filter options, simply click ' Clear ' on the right side of each option.

How do I see more of an event that is occurring on the same day?

A: If you have more than one event going on the same day, a markup indicating the number of available events will appear on the desired day, as shown in the image below. To access the other events just click on top of the indicated number and a list will appear with all the events available that day.

How do I export all my event calendar to printed Excel for single or multi-day events?

A: You can export your event calendar by just clicking on Edit button then clicking on the Export button. If you have more than one event going on the same day you can filter it before export the data.