Email logs

Updated 3 months ago ​by Customer Success

Monitor email sent to your participants by InEvent platform in our e-mail logs funcionality.

How do I access e-mail logs?


Or enter with the term "logs" in "quick search field".

Which information can I have access?

The e-mail historic allows you to track which address the message was sent, its status, subject, sending date and whether the message was opened or not.

You can also export this information by clicking on Export button.

What are the possible statuses for sending emails?

There are a few statuses for those messages sent by our platform, as:

Processing: Your message is on submission process.

Delivered: Your message has arrived in your recipient's email box.

Soft-bounce: a temporary state that blocks your message. That happened because the server was down or the mailbox was with no space.

Hard-bounce: a permanent state that blocks your message. In this case, the email address is invalid or doesn’t exist.

Spam complaint: the email was classified by the user as spam.