Attendee QR Codes

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Attendee QR Codes

As an event organizer, you have the option of sending unique, fully encrypted, QR Codes to your attendees through emails, vouchers in PDF form, or even through the InEvent app.

Why QR Codes?

QR Codes are useful for many reasons. For an event organizer, they help in the access control of their event attendees by knowing who is or who is not allowed into the event. This is especially useful in situations where the number of guests may be large, or the event is held at a big venue, like a stadium.. Furthermore, they are not shareable and attendees cannot gain access to another person’s QR Code, making it more secure for use.

The use of QR Codes are highly valuable in large event settings such as a stadium or exhibition halls where QR codes can aid in access control and admissions.

An Example of a QR code below:

 How the attendees can access their  QR code                 

Attendees of an event can access their QR Codes in 3 methods:

  • Via the InEvent Accreditation Solution.
  • Via the Live App menu screen.
  • Via direct emailing through the InEvent platform (InEvent has exclusive use).  

Access to QR code : ACCREDITATION 

After printing the QR Code through the accreditation solutions, all participants will have their QR Code printed and affixed to a badge/ID card of the organization hosting the event.

For more information, go to  Accreditation .

Access to QR code: APP

After downloading the app, all the attendees who are logged in have access to the QR Code in 'VOUCHER' or  'MY QR  CODE'

Press 'MENU' then press 'VOUCHER'   for this screen : 

or Press 'Menu' then press  'MY QR CODE'  for this screen:

QR  code Send by email:

If the ‘confirmation email’ option is enabled in the tools, once an invitee signs up and is registered onto the attendees list, they will receive a confirmation email with their QR Code. For more information go to Confirmation email

To enable the confirmation email simply press,  EVENT > CONFIGURATION  > TOOLS> Then in the LOGIN section, enable the 'CONFIRMATION EMAIL' checkbox by going into Edit Mode (top right) and clicking on the box for CONFIRMATION EMAIL. Click on the 'END' tab to save the changes.

Note: use the Search function on the top right to quickly find this option.


Additionally, the InEvent platform has an option of sending an automatic confirmation email that should be used to send a QR Code 24 hours in advance of the event’s start. To send this automatic email, go to PEOPLE > COMMUNICATION > AUTOMATIC EMAILS.

 Scroll down to QR Code email (please contact your Customer Success manager) Here you can Edit the Email that your attendees will receive.

Important:  The option to send QR Code by e-mail is for InEvent's exclusive use, so the customer must have an agreement with the Customer Success team regarding the time of sending this email (which should happen at least 24 hours before of the event). To trigger the email you need to contact your Customer Success Manager.


How do I generate a PDF that contains the QR Code of the participant?

To extract the exclusive QR Code from your platform direct participant, you must have the 'VOUCHER' tool  enabled. For more information, access the  Digital Ticket Voucher 

After that you should go to  PEOPLE > ATTENDEES, Select an attendee and click on their name, then Click on the 'EDIT' button in the top right corner.  A new window to the right will open. Click on the 'SEE VOUCHER' Icon, which is highlighted in the image below:

A  downloadable PDF will open in the next page, containing the attendees information and their QR code, you can download the PDF and send it to your attendee.