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InEvent has a calendar where all of an event's activities can be placed and scheduled between the beginning and end date of the event. The number of activities that can be posted is unlimited and event organizers can display a brief description of their activities.

This feature is not required and optional; if your event does not have a schedule, event administrators can disable this function so event attendees will not see a calendar on their mobile application.

Step by step

How to do I import a spreadsheet?

A: The Import Spreadsheet allows you to add all calendar activities at once to the platform. The spreadsheet collects information such as activity name, description, location, start and end times, and the number of people for each activity. Within the platform, event organizers can download the standard worksheet template to be filled out following the instructions below: "AGENDA"> "VIEW ACTIVITIES"> "EDIT"> "IMPORT"> "DOWNLOAD DEMO FILE". Next, when the spreadsheet is completed, click on the green folder to upload the file onto the platform. When the file button turns into a green checkmark, click on Add and the file will be uploaded successfully.

Below: image of the downloaded template

Errors in uploading/importing the Agenda:

A: Your spreadsheet may have errors and the common ones are:

  • Activity time is in a different range than the calendar setting;
  • The first few lines of the header and description were deleted;
  • Required fields were left blank. (dates, activity name)

Read more here:  Errors when importing spreadsheets

I set the location of the activity and it did not appear in the calendar. How do I set up a location where events will take place?

A: Before importing the worksheet, the activity location should already be created. To create a place of activity simply click on "AGENDA"> "MANAGE PLACES"> "ADD PLACE"> "CREATE".

How can I add only one activity at a time?

A: To add one activity at a time, simply click on "AGENDA"> "VIEW ACTIVITIES"> "ADD ACTIVITY" . After that you have to enter the activity’s name, then the time and date it will occur, and finish by clicking on "CREATE ACTIVITY".

How can I edit an activity?

A: You can edit all your activity information without deleting it. To edit any activity’s information just click on "AGENDA"> "VIEW ACTIVITIES"> "EDIT". Simply select the activity that you want to edit from the list and click on the field that you want to change in the menu on the right.

How to limit the number of attendees in an activity?

A: You can limit the number of attendees in an activity by clicking on "AGENDA"> "VIEW ACTIVITIES"> "EDIT", then select the activity you want to create an attendee limit and click the icon shown below:

What is automatic enrollment in an activity?

A: Automatic enrollment forces all attendees to be enrolled into the activity when they first sign into the App. This helps attendees by preventing them from having to sign up for calendar activities that they have to go to. The picture below shows this option in the menu description of the activity.

How many highlighted positions can I have?

A: You may have only one highlighted position. The highlighted position allows one of your activities to be seen at the top of the agenda in the App, usually reserved for a highly important activity.

What does "Visible to the public" mean in an activity?

A: It means that this activity can be seen by everyone who is using the App. If you want the activity to be seen only by administrators, you should leave the option unchecked:



A: Attendees will receive an automatic notification about interactions that are added to these activities. If unchecked, attendees will not receive alerts when it comes to this particular activity.


Can I send a message to attendees of only one activity?

A: Yes, it is possible to send messages directly to the attendees of an activity. Click on "AGENDA"> "SEE ACTIVITIES"> "EDIT", select the activity that you want to send the message and then click on "SEND MESSAGE". This message can contain up to 140 characters.

NOTE : When sending a push message of up to 140 characters, do not use special characters such as:

  • "quotation marks"
  • apostrophe'  
  • backslash \
  • or line break.

How do I add a speaker / tag to multiple activities?

A: To add the same speaker or tag for multiple activities, you must click on "AGENDA"> "VIEW ACTIVITIES"> "EDIT". Then, mark the activities you want to add the speakers or tags and click on respective button, “Tags” to put a tag onto the event, click on a tag below in the dropdown menu and click on ‘Add Tag’. Similarly, go to the Speakers tab and select a speaker, then click on Add Speaker.

To find out where to find your calendar in the App, click here:  Content Agenda