Managing Admissions

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The purpose of this feature is to allow administrators to act as gatekeepers with the option of accepting those who have signed on to the event, while giving them the option of denying entries, as well as placing people on a waiting list.

To use the Manage Admissions feature, event administrators must enable the following options in the event's settings:

Under the ‘InEvent Registration’ category : Admissions
Under the ‘Moderation’ category: Approval Requirement

1) If the Incoming feature is enabled, participants are automatically approved when their tickets are purchased and validated. To enable this feature, go to EVENT > CONFIGURATION > DEFINE TOOLS

Next, make sure that the following two options are approved.

2) In the case that event administrators/users want to test out an event’s flow and use the Manage Admissions function to experiment with the event, they must be either logged off of the InEvent platform, or the registration form must be opened in an anonymous tab/incognito mode. This will prevent automatic approvals in their test runs.

As an example, users may open the registration form on an internet browser they do not use, such as Internet Explorer, while the user mainly uses Google Chrome, and complete the test run’s registration on Internet Explorer, in order to test the Manage Admissions function.

Once the features mentioned above are enabled, keep in mind that the event still needs a registration form to be created.

After the registration form is created and an attendee completes the registration process, we will have to go to the Manage Admissions option in the People> Tickets> Manage Admissions menu as shown below:           

In the screen of the Manage Admissions page, records of people who completed the application form will appear below.

The administrator must click on the Approve button (green button) to officially accept people into the event as an attendee, officially admitting them into the event.


After approval through this process, the status of registrants that were previously considered Pending Approval will be modified to Approved, as shown below:


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