Assistant email

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Assistant email

You can set an assistant/secretary email to help your attendees to get all the information about the event.

If an assistant or a secretary manage your attendee's mail, you can now add their e-mail address to receive the communication of the event.

How to add an assistant or secretary email address.

1) To add as an attendee


To insert an attendee and his assistant / secretary, follow these steps:

Press the 'ADD PERSON' button, fill out the persons information ( name and email are mandatory).Once you are done, click on the blue 'CREATE' button.

In the top right corner press the 'EDIT button.

Then click on the attendees name and a new window will open up on the right side.

Scroll down to 'Assistant email' Enter the assistant email address, then click the 'END' button in the top right corner to finish editing.

The assistant email will now appear on the attendees column as show in the image below.

2) To add as an invitee

To add a assistant / secretary email address for an invitation,

Press 'PEOPLE' > 'INVITEES' Then click on the ' +ADD INVITATION button.

Fill in the information, including the assistant email. Then click the blue 'CREATE' button.

The image below will show you how the information will appear.

Now all emails will be received by both addresses as shown in the image below.

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