How can I use my integrated accreditation with InEvent?

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InEvent has a complete and fully integrated platform for use in end-to-end management of people and events by your organization.

We understand that sometimes clients may be using another Accreditation System other than our platform. But the good news is, the InEvent platform is highly versatile and is able to accommodate and integrate with many other accreditation systems.

There are two ways to integrate an accreditation system with our platform, either through manual integration or through automatic integration. The steps to doing them are shown below:

  1. Manual Integration - Because this is the manual step, with each new registration in our platform (either through the Hotsite / Plugins with a  Registration Form , or the application was downloaded with a direct entrance to the event), it is necessary that an event organizer import the data of attendees into the accreditation system.  
  2. The process itself is simple and can simply be done using spreadsheets on our platform. Simply enter Attendees > View Attendees, and export the spreadsheet onto excel with all the data and follow instructions in this article:  Import / Export Spreadsheet.

    With this information from attendees, you can directly enter the accreditation system. The limitation of this method is that some attendees may not sign up on time, or change their accreditation information such as not attending the event anymore at the last minute. In order to be effective using the manual integration, the accreditation sheet would need to be uploaded very close to the starting time to ensure that information is up-to-date. This may cause problems with late registrants who may be barred from entering the event.
  3. Automated Integration - In the automated mode, it is possible to integrate systems using our API, which is very simple and properly documented, to ensure that every update of the participants' information (registration, information, among others) is reflected into the chosen system for accreditation. The pros of automatic integration is that event organizers do not have to worry about missing or inaccurate information because of the efficient method in making accreditations. However, technical knowledge is required to perform automated integrations to work with APIs.
  4. Please follow this link for more information regarding the use of our API for accreditation:   
    ( you need to be logged into our platform to view this information, if you would like to learn more about how to use InEvent’s API for integration and are not a client of ours, send an email to: )