Data Collector / Leads

Updated 1 week ago ​by Taís Hamamoto

Capture data of attendee who visit your event!

This is a feature in our system designed for exhibitors and other data-focused entities to obtain data from attendees who visit their stands/booths. This information can then be used to assess visitors to a booth/stand with scores ranging from 1 to 5 for the marketing / sales team to evaluate their quality in terms of lead after the event. Each exhibitor has access to the use of real-time lists of data via the app, or they can export the list to the web. The organizer then has the statistics of what booths or stands have been visited by each attendee.

To register a collector, simply access EVENT> CONTENT> CONFIGURE SPONSORS , select the registered sponsor, click the PEOPLE tab > ADD PERSON and after adding the data click the CREATE button .

Step 1: Create Sponsors

Step 2: Add individual sponsor representative/data collector to platform. Remember to set their role as a ‘Collector’ by clicking on Edit mode and clicking on the first box in front of their name in the list.

How do I use the in-app data collector?

After downloading the App, login, then find the event that was created. Then, access the data collector and read the QR Code, as illustrated below:

Exporting the data list:

At the end of the event you can download the QR Codes data sheet that has been read by going to ANALYTICS> VIEW LIVE DASHBOARD and in the tab on the left, click on DATA COLLECTOR. After selecting the registered sponsor, just click the EXPORT button .