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With the Custom Fields feature, you can add many new questions to your registration form to collect extra information from your attendee, such as corporate ID, dates, CPF / Passport numbers, files, and more. To access the information obtained, you can use our various filters and integrated platform lists.

The InEvent platform enables you to manage custom fields of subscription forms in a simple and efficient way. All new entries and changes made in the platform are automatically transferred over and updated onto the fields of the online forms via the App, Hotsite or Web-view of the event.

Step by step guide

How do I add a Custom Field to the Registration Form?

To include a custom field in the registration form, simply click on "PEOPLE"> "REGISTRATION"> "CONFIGURE REGISTRATION FORM" .

On the new screen, you will click on "ADD FIELD" . In the window that opens, type your question into the ‘What is your field’ box and choose the type of answer, finishing this step with the CREATE button.

What are the types of answers we can ask here?

Yes or no:  Useful for direct questions and practical measurements.

Grade from 0 to 5:  Used for qualitative evaluation, for instance, how much an attendee likes an activity.

Plain text:  Enables a free-response option for attendees to express opinions.

Brazilian CPF:  Used to obtain the official CPF number of the attendee.

International passport:  Used to obtain the official international passport number of the attendees.

List of options:  Used to define the options that the attendees can select as a response.

Upload File: To upload a file to the registration form, such as a profile picture.

Is there a limit of Custom Fields that I can add on the form?

No, there is no limit to the number of questions.

Can I create fields with conditional questions?

Yes. If you have already created the ‘daughter’ (follow-up) question, you will need to create a Yes / No question that will link to it, via a ‘Yes’ answer. Note: your question must be in a yes/no format to enable conditional questions.

Then, select the question, click "EDIT" and "DETAILS" select the parent question in "CONDITIONAL FROM" . After completing the questions, click "END" .

In the example images, question 2 (daughter/follow-up) will only appear to the attendee if question 1 (parent) answers with a "Yes" response.

You can also, at the moment of creating the new custom field, select the Parent question in the second scroll bar.

Is it possible to edit a custom field that has already been created?

Yes. To do this, click the "EDIT" button . In "DETAILS" , you must modify the text in Title (English, Portuguese or Spanish). When you are finished editing, click "END" .

What does 'Required' mean in custom field settings?

The term "Required" means that the attendee will need to answer that question and cannot submit their registration form without answering it. You can configure this function by clicking " EDIT" and, under "DETAILS" , select the option. Then click "End" .

What happens if a person does not answer a yes or no question?

This answer will always be conditioned to be 'No'.

Example: If you ask 'Are you going to participate in our event?' and the person does not answer it (question not required), their answer will be marked as a 'No' on our platform.

How can I reorder questions already asked?

Yes, just click on "EDIT" , hold the tiles with the left mouse button and drag to the desired position and then click "END" .

How do I see responses for each custom field?

You can see the answers on the InEvent platform by clicking on the question you would like to see answers to, and in the new window that pops up on the right, click on the "ANSWERS" tab .


Is it possible to export registration form answers out from InEvent’s platform?

Yes, you have the option to export all the answers obtained in .xls format to your computer. To export, you just need to click the 'EXPORT' button next to the Add Field button while not in edit mode and save the Excel file to your computer.

Who can access the Registration Form / Customizable Fields?

If the form is open, anyone can access it. If it is closed, only people registered as "Guests" in the ‘View Invite Lists’ page will be able to respond. For more information, see the Registration Form .

Note: If the event’s details is set as public, you cannot have a closed registration form, and vice-versa for private events.

Is it possible to send a confirmation email to anyone who completed their registration form with custom fields?

Yes, event organizers have the option of sending an email to all attendees who completed the form. To do this, you need to set up a custom email, followed by going to the PEOPLE > COMMUNICATION > SET CUSTOM FORMS option and selecting the message created, then selecting it and changing the ‘Action to execute after the form is finished’ button.

Note: You can only send emails to all subscribers. The custom email list can not be used in this case.

How do I set up an email?

To know how to set up an email for all attendees, click here: Emails, SMS and Save the Date .